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Lacekstrings offers handmade carved violins, violas, and cellos of incomparable quality, made by the renowned master luthier Maciej Lacek for musicians from the mid-advanced to the professional level.

Each instrument is fully guaranteed for superior in tone, quality, and construction.

With experienced Lacekstrings team your investment is safe and your satisfaction is paramount.

These days, some of the best contemporary makers are coming from Central and Eastern Europe. You may think that violin making in these countries are a relatively new cultural phenomenon but not so! According to an article in the the Warsaw Voice, a majority of the Polish violin makers are members of the-oldest, after Italy's, organization of violin makers in Europe. The Association of Polish Artists Violin Makers (ZPAL) is reported to have 113 members and is celebrating its 62th anniversary this May.

In fact, Poland has had a richer history of violin making that dates as far back as the 16th century. The first great makers of that era, Marcin Groblicz I (1530-1609) and Baltazar Dankwart (mid-16th century - 1622), started two dynasties of outstanding violin makers which lasted until the 18th century. Some scholars even believe that the prototype of the violin originated in Poland. Relics such as a primitive fiddle from the 11th century, a five-string instrument from the 12th century and a six-string instrument in 15th-century serve as some of the strongest evidences for their case. A collection of these instruments can be found at the Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznań, Poland.

Many of today's Polish makers go through secondary school whose curricula include the art of violin making. There are currently two in the Poland that offer such programs: High School of Fine Arts and Violin Making in Zakopane and High School of Music in Poznań. These schools' graduates have an opportunity to continue their studies at the Violin Making Department of Poznań's Music Academy. This means that Poland is the only country in the world where violin makers can receive a university-level education.

After years of training and apprenticeships, many of them have established their workshop in the mountainous region of Poland, especially in Nowy Targ (place of Mr. Lacek has his workshop) and Zakopane. Due to the low cost of labor in Central Europe, a favorable currency exchange rate for the US Dollar, and a tradition of highly trained makers, these instruments can be compared with others that are worth two or more times their market price in the US.